Expert Perspectives ft. Jill Monaghan

Generator’s Jill Monaghan talks with Shield Lockers about the impact of COVID-19 on sports architecture.

The future of sports venues and athletic facilities on the other side of this pandemic is unknown. Shield Lockers started a series titled “Expert Perspectives” to gain insight from different industries on potential pivots in the future. Here’s what Monaghan has to say about the impact of Covid-19.

“The challenge we face moving forward is how to create engaging environments that appeal to sponsors and fans, while establishing new protocols to protect people and provide social distancing. For us, this means a practical approach centered on changes that can be immediately implemented: social distancing protocols for queuing at entries and concourses; wayfinding that separates streams of traffic earlier; creating a completely touchless experience for everyone who enters the facility; integration of readily accessible PPE; changes in MEP systems and in-venue technology; reconsidering egress-only stairs as possible ingress to reduce congestion; and many more future considerations that we are currently discussing with our clients.”

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