Licensure Matters: Jared Hagedorn, AIA

Licensure Matters is a monthly series that AIA Kansas City features newly licensed members.

Congrats to Jared Hagedorn for being featured in this series that inspires those currently on their journey to licensure! Read below to learn more about his experience.

How long did it take for you to complete your experience and all of the divisions of the exam?I took 4 tests from ARE 4.0 and finished up in ARE 5.0 over the course of 8 months. Upon completion of my tests, I had 3 years of work experience and was finishing up my AXP hours.

What was your study/test taking strategy?
My strategy was to take a test approximately every 5 weeks. After finishing an exam, I typically would take a week or 2 from studying. I took this time to recharge and get ahead at work. Once I started studying, I would study for 2-3 hours a day for 5-6 days a week, working through the readings and practice tests.

How did you stay motivated?
Completing these tests has been a goal of mine since I decided to study architecture in college. Making the commitment to my career was enough motivation in itself, but it was a bonus to be able to celebrate my success with co-workers, mentors, and family.

Why was earning a license important to you?|
I spent 5 years working toward a degree in architecture at Kansas State University. It was a natural progression to get licensed from all the hard work that I put in between school and professional experience. In addition, I feel there are so many more opportunities to being a licensed professional. With licensure, we can do anything in the world of architecture.

What advice do you have for others going through the process?
Take your time before you start and get settled in your job and personal life. Do not start taking your tests before you are ready, but once you start, stay committed. You will be much more successful if you are fully dedicated to taking and passing the exams.

How did your firm support you?
My firm was very supportive of my venture into licensure. The study materials are available to all employees on our server, and there is a reimbursement policy for those taking exams. It’s helpful to be surrounded by supportive people that have completed the process.

How do you maintain a work-life balance? 
The most important thing is to find something that you really love outside of work and do it. Architecture is a great profession, but sometimes you need time away. Having activities outside of architecture will help you preserve the relationships you have in your personal life.