Project Architect Kyle White, AIA

Kyle married his high school sweetheart.

For Kyle, legos and model cars were mere child’s play. His real-world experience began early, as he learned to use a hammer to help his father with construction projects. At 16, he got his cherished ‘91 Supra at an auction, essentially fueled by a dare, and has since been rehabbing it to maintain the vintage look but operate like a modern-day, tech-enabled machine.

Kyle gets his creative inspiration from moments of solitude—perhaps a long drive in the Supra—in between bouts of shuttling his three kiddos to soccer, dance, and gymnastics. Kyle will crush anyone in Seinfeld trivia, and unlike Costanza, Kyle actually IS an architect with a degree from Kansas State University.

Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring. Johan Cruyff