Vernon on Washington

Kansas City, MO

17,300 SF New Construction
Vernon on Washington

Located next to the Country Club Plaza + Westport districts in Kansas City, MO; Vernon on Washington is a three story 18 unit apartment complex. The neighborhood association’s development standards require new buildings to integrate into the materials and styles of the surrounding single family houses, charging Generator Studio with the task of marrying the traditional Shirtwaist and Bungalow styles with the client’s wishes.

The exterior design solution is a modern interpretation of the Cape Cod style, with 3 high gable roofs and painted lapped wood siding with contrasting trim. The contemporary twists include modern detailing, playful application of the siding, and the addition of brick and stucco accents.  

The building is a mix of one and two bedroom apartments, with six different unit types throughout. Each unit has a dedicated outdoor space with a secured on-site parking stall. Other features include a substantial technology overlay for the project, a secured site perimeter, and privacy landscaping.