Sunset Hills Residence

Kansas City, MO

6,040 SF New Construction
Sunset Hills Residence

Located in Kansas City’s historic Sunset Hills, the site is the former practice fields for The Pembroke Hill School at the turn of the 20th century. In time, the flat site grew dense with foliage.

Designed for empty nesters, Generator Studio developed a plan for the home that balances daily use with the ability to entertain at a larger scale via dramatic interior spaces showcasing their artwork. Public spaces are separated in plan and massing from private spaces.

Exterior stonework anchors the home to the ground, then extends inside. Nearly every room extends back out to a landscape adorned with massive existing trees, allowing diffuse light to penetrate deep into the home.  

Sustainability attributes include carefully placed glazing resulting in minimal use of electric lighting.  According to the client “…the lights are never turned on.” Locally quarried Kansas stone reduced bulk shipping, and two geothermal wells provide year-round air comfort.