Generator Studio has taken on the research and deep thinking to be at the forefront of eSports venue design.  As you contemplate the purchase of an eSports team or if you have already plunged in, questions arise as to the fit and fitness of your existing venue, and whether it is justified to renovate or build a purpose-designed venue for eSports training and competition.

As an emerging thought leader in the space, our strategic planning has attracted the attention of an NBA and NHL franchise along with other professional organizations.  Led by Jill Monaghan, her perspective as a millennial has uniquely positioned her to graft her traditional sports design experience with a generational bond to the next emerging influencers in eSports.  New experiences result, as they should, in response to this new world.

Our thesis is simple:  Existing local venues simply don’t have the infrastructure and bandwidth to support eSports.


adapting vs purpose building esports
A new 3000-Seat multipurpose venue is right-sized for daily use, and: