Generator Studio Welcomes Louisiana Tech Students Exploring Developments for Kansas City’s Berkley Riverfront

In the fall of 2023, Generator Studio welcomed students from Louisiana Tech’s ARCH 415 Urban Planning Studio as they explored pedestrian-oriented developments for Kansas City’s Berkley Riverfront.

How did an ARCH 415 class at Louisiana Tech University find and choose Kansas City’s Berkley Riverfront for their project location to explore pedestrian-oriented developments? Through connections of course! 

Generator Studio Project Designer Joseph Vizurraga, who completed his graduate degree at Washington University, was contacted by his friend and fellow classmate, Surgene Troost. Surgene (“Surge”) completed his undergrad at Louisiana Tech and was contacted by Associate Professor Brad Deal to discuss potential sites for his latest class to study. 

“After some searching, they found the Berkley site and Surge connected me with Brad about doing some outreach,” said Joseph. “The rest fell into place and was a great experience for all.”

Berkley Riverfront provided the perfect site for students to explore opportunities for a walkable, sustainable future for the area – it would soon be serviced by the Kansas City Streetcar and home to the Kansas City Current stadium – the first stadium being built for a women’s professional sports team in the world, with Generator Studio as its architect of record.

The projects focused on cultivating a local community with mixed-use developments. Centering around residences or hotel spaces, students outfitted their riverfront plans with grocery stores, art galleries, food halls, local markets, and even a water research facility in one plan.  

As the students’ projects progressed, they were invited to Generator Studio’s office in Kansas City to get an inside look at the development of the KC Current Stadium. 

“In these digital times it’s more important than ever to teach the next generation about the value of genuine personal relationships and a robust, positive, professional network,” said Brad Deal, Louisiana Tech Associate Professor of Architecture. “For our regional students at Louisiana Tech, we find visits like ours to KC are invaluable opportunities for opening their eyes, growing those networks, and connecting great offices with talented students. We’re so grateful to the team at Generator for taking the time to show our students that good design is as much about people, collaboration, and relationships as it is about our shared passion for great work.”