Interior Architectural Associate Alison Luzenske, NCIDQ

Alison has a border collie/russell terrier mix named Finley.

Alison discovered her passion for interior design at a young age while sketching her dream barn with horseback riding friends. Realizing she could make a career designing spaces, Alison took drafting classes in high school, which ultimately led to her earning her Master’s in Interior Architect & Product Design from Kansas State University in 2019. She spent her early career designing interiors for education projects, learning that improving the lives of the end-users is the ultimate goal of architecture.

Alison believes that architecture must have a purpose. Understanding how people think and the purpose of a space is the foundation of her design philosophy. She prides herself in facilitating an environment where teammates and clients are comfortable and confident sharing their thoughts and opinions, ensuring all ideas are heard.

"Architecture is like writing. You have to edit it over and over so it looks effortless." Zaha Hadid