Corinth Square

Prairie Village, KS

308,000 SF Renovation + 8,000 SF New Construction
Corinth Square

Generator Studio was hired by LANE4 Property Group to renovate an iconic -but dated- 1960’s shopping center into a competitive first class shopping destination. The city of Prairie Village issued a CID to pay for the improvements.

LANE4 didn’t want to put a generic façade on the building. Generator felt the best approach was to work within the existing framework that J.C. Nichols first utilized when he originally built the center. Our design goals built off the original architecture to focus on the elements that would drastically improve the pedestrian shopping experience.

The design solution improves the existing covered arcade by giving it more presence. We doubled up the existing spindly columns and anchored them in natural stone piers. New lighting and signage add to the ambiance, in addition to the barrier of new landscape beds between the pedestrian walkways and vehicle parking. Heavily landscaped plazas with focal elements like pergolas and fountains were added at the corners to support retail programming and neighborhood gatherings.

A new standalone CVS Pharmacy was part of the development. The design had to tie in architecturally to the redeveloped main shopping center. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the design alludes to the shopping center with a covered arcade, simple wood timbers, and natural stone.

The final component of the Phase One renovation was the existing free standing grocery store directly west of the shopping center. The tenant desired a slightly more modern design than what existed throughout the renovated center. The same palette of stone and wood was used with more modern detailing, striking a harmonious balance between the shopping center and previously outlying grocery store.