Ultimate Locker Room Refresh ft. The Brooklyn Nets

The home court wasn’t the only space the Nets revamped this year at Barclays Center. Fans, meet the Generator Studio designed locker room.

The players and fans are already digging it, too. “Walking into Brooklyn’s new home locker room is like stepping into your closet in the year 2046. The lockers now look like mini closets you’d find in a condo in Williamsburg. A bright Nets logo shines down from the ceiling. Player last names and numbers are displayed electronically above their stalls. The carpet has been replaced. What was once a chalkboard is now gray like the home court, with a gigantic TV in the middle for players to look at film.” said Kristian Winfield, NBA reporter for the NY Daily News.

The whole article is linked here and it’s worth the read.

Stay tuned for more photos + videos of the Nets home locker room.